Saturday, August 21, 2010

RUMIPAMBA - Archaeology and Ecology Park In Quito

Rumipamba is a new 30 hector park in Quito with on-going archaeological and ecological studies of the environment and life in the inhabitants of the area before the arrival of the Incas
Our visit through the park, lead by a guide, begins

Archaeological excavation of an ancient foundry
My friend Natalia in the small museum with a large reconstruction of a storage vessel found in the area
. Another dig showing the layers of volcanic ash from several eruptions of Pachincha and a marking where a human skull was found at the bottom.

A principal trail for moving produce to market, worn down several feet over the centures and covered with growth, providing a cool and dry path.

Home of a large tarantula.

Photo of Jas on the trail, taken with a flash

Rumipamba Park is home to many ancient plants used by the indigeneous people for various medicinal purposes

. Another dig, exposing the ruins of an ancient house.

Rendering of what the ancient house looked like.

The views from the park are amazing. This is a view of the Volcano Cayambe

Jas rests with a view of the Volcano Ravendor

The Volcano Antisana

The Volcano Cotopoxi

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